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Intuitive Crystal Stone Reading

Gentle, wise, uncannily accurate and beautiful, crystal stone readings are a unique and fascinating way to see an honest picture of your life.  These readings bring introspection, assistance in seeing that which is important to you right now, see where you are headed, and answer questions about what is just around the bend for you.

$45 per session
Daily by appointment

Angel Card & Tarot Readings
with Beth Carrignant

$45 per session
by appointment

Astrology Chart Readings

Your personal natal chart provides a road map to who you are.  It can help to unlock your potential, provide insight into roadblocks you may be experiencing, and shed light on significant moments that have shaped who you are.  Whether you are looking for direction in your life or are just curious,  your reading will be an enlightening experience.
by appointment

Past Life Exploration

Guided Light Trance Hypnosis
Open the door to your past- what you find within may
 help to explain or resolves issues in the here and now.

$60 per session
by appointment

Dream Readings / Interpretation

The dream world is used to process and heal waking life’s issues.  Once a dream (unconscious) is brought to the waking (conscious) state, interpretation will bring insight and awareness to understand problems,  situations or emotions that need healing.  New and recurring emotional and mental blocks can then be processed and resolved helping to release patterns of fear, trauma, and fatigue to improve one's life and well being.  

$60 per session
by appointment


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