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for inner peace, harmony and balance

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Upcoming Workshops & Events

June 2018


6th- Wed.


6:30 pm

Drum Circle
-with Laughing Drum
13th - Wed. 6:30 pm Working with the Energy of the Moon
with Del Bachand
15th - Fri. 6:00 pm Book Talk, Discussion and Q & A
with Timber Hawkeye

Author of Buddhist Bootcamp and Faithfully Religionless
16th - Sat. 3:00 pm -
   5:00 pm
Angel Readings
with Beth Carrignant
20th - Wed. 6:30 pm Reading the Signs of Nature & Animals
with Steve 'Quietwolf'
21st - Thurs. 6:00 pm Legends, Lore and Customs of the Summer Solstice
with Wendy Grant
26th - Tues. 6:00 pm Reiki Level 1
Traditional Usui Training and Certification
with Del Bachand
27th - Wed. 6:30 pm Mindful Meditation 
Guided Meditations for Relaxation & Healing

with Bob Perry
Please bring your own chair to drum circle or workshops and a chair or yoga mat to meditations

Coming in July
Tong Ren Healing Circle
Beyond the Veil:Working with Your Intuition

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